$210,000 Cash $afari Headline Promotion At Jackpot Capital Casino! 8/6

Jackpot Capital Casino is packing up the JC Jeep and getting ready for the adventure trek of the summer! The jungle’s calling, and while it makes many peculiar sounds, one is loud and clear: the clatter of cash bonuses! With $210,000 in bonus prizes, you won’t want to leave any stone unturned!

Play with us each week and discover the many bonuses hidden in the deep, dark JC Jungle!

Do you dare to enter, for your chance to win? Of course! Each Monday we reward our top players on the $afari Scoreboard with bonuses worth $30,000 ($180,000 total!). If you’re eager for even more excitement, advance your trek by potentially receiving a Friday Random Bonus Boost, $5,000 each week ($30,000 total!). Don’t let the darkness deceive you, the jungle’s potential is for cash is bright!

Climb to the Top!

$180,000 in $afari Scoreboard Bonuses!
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